June 29, 2010

Summer fun

It's been a while since my last post so I'll update you! Josh got ear tubes the end of May, and hasn't been sick ONCE since then. Now, granted it's just been a month, but this is oh so glorious news. We have battled one too many ear infections and the ENT said it was time!! So one month of no illness is good news for us!

In the beginning of June we went to Florida for a family reunion. Orlando's the spot! It was fun fun fun! We spent a lot of time hanging out at the resort, splashing in the pool or sprayground, and talking with family! We hit Magic Kingdom for a day, and everyone had a blast. How can you not have fun at Disneyworld?? Joshua did great. He enjoyed meeting/seeing the characters, which surprised me. He rode a lot of rides, and ran around ToonTown exploring Mickey and Minnie's house. It was so much fun. We also went to Daytona beach and on another day to Kennedy Space Center.

We also got to see some of my family in Mississippi on the way to Orlando (by car)! That was a special treat!! Joshua loved exploring my cousin's house, and feeding her cat.

Joshua is 19 months, almost 20, as I write this post. We have enjoyed seeing the new things he is doing and how much he is growing! He has added some more words and talks up a storm at times, though we can't understand what he's saying! He has become really affectionate and spontaneously gives kisses and hugs. He loves anything to do with balls, and giggles up a storm when you play catch with him. Daddy and Josh play 'hoops' outside in the backyard, and Josh tosses the ball in the basket with glee! It is so cute to watch.

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