February 20, 2010

Finally Getting With The Times!

So, I finally decided to get with the times and start a blog. I am so new at this and have no idea what to do, but it should be fun. Many of my friends have such cute blogs that I wanted to jump on the band wagon. I'm not promising updates often, but hey, you gotta get started somewhere!

To help me get a start blogging, I am going to do a brief overview of what has been going on so far in 2010.

January: Steve and I began a Bible Study (Basic Bible Stories) class at church. We have wonderful teachers and the class lasts the whole semester. It starts with Genesis, and then goes through the whole Bible, focusing on the largely known Bible 'stories'.. the kind you learned growing up. We thought this would be an awesome opportunity to grow in God's word. It's such a wonderful group, and we have made new friends.

Steve is staying busy at work, and I am as well. I just work 2 days a week, and so far that is going well. I may bump up my work days at some point in the future.

Joshua turned 14 months and continues to change, learn, and grow everyday. He also started preschool 2 days a week and LOVES it! He only cried the first few times, and then could care less that I was leaving. My friend Mindy had watched him at my house for a few months prior to that, which was wonderful! I think we were a little spoiled that she was coming to our house, and Josh was getting some good lovin and playtime!! We love you Mindy! And miss you!

We enjoyed having Erin home from college, and spent some quality time with the family. Steve and I used our church's Parents Night Out for the first time. We got out for dinner and a movie! It was lovely!!

Towards the end of the month we celebrated a late Christmas with my Dad and Rose. We had a great time at my sister's house, and of course, Joshua and his cousin Jordan were greeted with a lot of hugs, kisses, and gifts! My father was working on the oil rig over Christmas holiday, so this was our chance to be with him for that time. My dad will be working in Brazil beginning next month.

A good friend Chris came to town who I hadn't seen in many years!!
Kasey and I met him out at the airport hotel, and we all went to
dinner. My hubby and son got to meet him for the first time;
we had a grand time!

I joined MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) at my church. My first meeting was to be the 25th of the month, however Josh was sick. We made it to the next one (in Feb.), and enjoyed it very much. While I am in MOPS, Josh is downstairs with other kiddos, in MOPPETS! Fun times..

February (so far): Tiny Tots n Tunes, a fun music class, resumed for the Spring semester. I really enjoy taking Josh to this class.. however, since he started walking it seems I'm just up and down chasing him around. A good workout for mom! Something different this time is I discovered a friend of mine from high school takes her daughter.. so we switched days to join her class. This new day works out better for my work schedule too! It's been fun so far.. Miss Holly is such a joy to have as a teacher. Once Josh even ran up to give her a hug, in the middle of class. So sweet!

My good friend Christina came to visit for about 5 days..she flew in from Ohio on the 11th, the same day of the huge snowstorm. It started snowing early, and continued nonstop for 24 hours. Needless to say we got a ton of snow probably about 9-10 inches. DFW airport reported a new record of 12.5 inches! Christina was used to this much snow, but us Texans are not!
We had a nice time with Christina here...and got out for some girl time with friends Saturday. Steve left with Joshua on Saturday and so it really was Girl Time All Day and Night! It was strange to be babyless, though it just lasted 24 hours. And I missed 'em both!! Josh and Steve went to Austin for cousin Farah's 3rd birthday. It was held at Gymboree Play n Learn, and I'm told I missed a fun time!

Will post pictures soon. I am learning this blogging thing, one step at a time!


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  1. Love it! You're inspiring me to be a blogger, too :)