April 02, 2010

A New Trend

Ok, I'm really going to get on this band wagon. I have neglected my blogging duties, and hope to do better in the future!!

Like many, we've had the sickness bug visit our home quite a bit in the last few months. Josh has had a cold/sinus infection, double ear infection, another cold, and yet another ear infection. We are hoping that as the weather continues to warm up the cold season (and subsequent ear infections) will go away!

For Spring break my sisters and I went to San Marcos to enjoy shopping mostly! We have a tradition of doing a 'sister trip' each year, and San Marcos is a repeater... us Varner/McEntee girls love to shop :) We enjoy the good bargain hunting, fellowship, and fun times. Before heading home we got a relaxing pedicure, stopped in historic Gruene, TX, and had kolaches from West. We also drove by the IRS building in Austin that was attacked.

Joshua and I enjoyed going to the Arboretum with my sister, her mother in law, and Jordan. It was a BEAUTIFUL day, and no surprise to me, I spent most of my time running after my monkey! He had no qualms about running off from his mommy, into the grassy pasture, and away, away, away....When he wasn't running, he'd walk around with his hands clasped behind his back, strolling oh so cute!
I managed to get a few good pictures. Josh's favorite was the waterfalls...
it'll be fun when the sprayground gets going there. I'd get a kick out of watching him. I hope to take him to the sprayground that just opened in Frisco.

Joshua attended our church's Egg Eggstravaganza the last weekend in March. He wasn't quite sure what to do with his basket. Mom pretty much carried it around in the beginning as he went around collecting eggs. He immediately opens each one, and promptly the candy + wrapper goes to mouth. He just wanted to make sure he liked it before he put it in his basket! He eventually caught on, and grabbed his basket and one by one picked up eggs. They were shooing us out for the next age group to start, and Joshua wasn't ready to leave.. he was having fun! We were invited to attend another church's egg hunt, so we took the opportunity to go.. Josh was so excited for more practice and more candy!

Joshua had some big tumbles recently, twice falling while walking down our neighbor's driveway. I took a picture of the latest one..
dum diddy! Poor lil guy

Joshua has been saying "chuey" a lot lately, for "trudy," our dog. It is so cute. He gets so excited to go say good morning to her, and runs across the living room to her room. He calls "chuey, chuey". Then he leans down and gives her a kiss. He even puckers his lips and makes the kiss noise. It's so sweet! Then he likes to sit on her! He will try to bounce a little too, until Trudy gets really annoyed! His favorite toy these days is Elmo, and he will sit/lay on it too!
His favorite book is a book called about me, and he turns right to the page that describes chubby legs..chubby feet!


Josh is quite the explorer/climber/mover/shaker. He is climbing on furniture, up and down the stairs, up/down his slide, and through tunnels, in boxes, under chairs and tables..he loves to dance to music, and shakes his body round and round!
He has been spending quite a bit of time outdoors on walks and helping Daddy with his backyard project.

Our extended family welcomed Keridon Rose Mathews on March 29th. She is precious! Mommy Hunter and Daddy Josh are proud and happy parents! Hunter is my cousin from my mom's side. I was so happy to hear this news, and can't wait to meet Baby Keridon in May!

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